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 News and Events 

Jitta Art School Cultural Workshops 

In 2013 Jitta Art delivered its cultural workshops to a number of schools around the Innisfail district. These workshops support schools to provide an understanding of Indigenous cultural for all its students. The workshops are delivered in an interactive manner and is delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

East Innisfail School NAIDOC week 

Jitta staff had a great time at the school enjoying NAIDOC week with the students. We spent time with about 180 students who we taught about our culture in different ways. Including weaving, dancing, painting, jewellery making and didgeridoo playing, the session ended in a impromptu dance recital by the boys in year 4, 5, 6 who learnt to ‘shake a Leg”, Aboriginal dance.    Our Jitta Art weavers who are high school students were involved in “Peer Teaching”. Our young weavers along with Stuart and Kate from Okka Wikka took the year 7 students and showed them how to do weaving like making string, fish ornaments, bracelets  and headbands, then in turn those students taught the younger grades.

Babinda School 

We were invited to Babinda School to run a weaving workshop

in collaboration with Okka Wikka. Our Jitta Art young weavers

from the Innisfail State College gained a lot of experience in

peer teaching and gained confidence in working with students.

The students and Jitta Art staff really enjoyed themselves and

we were lucky enough to have someone there to do a promotional

video recording of the day


PCYC School Holiday Program 

Jitta Art kept this mob entertained with learning about Indigenous culture; the children really enjoyed the day learning boomerang throwing, didgeridoo playing, painting, weaving and jewellery making.  We finished the day with a sausage sizzle.  The children created a flag using their own artwork which Freda is finishing off and then it will be given to the PCYC.    

 “Not too small to learn” – Pre-School Children visit the Jitta Art Gallery 

The Jitta Art Gallery were please to be able to use its cultural program to work with the Mourilyan Kindergarten School and the C&K Pre and Prep School to start introducing children to Indigenous culture and Art.  The program was held at the schools and also at the Jitta Art Gallery. The children learned from storytelling by well-known artist and storyteller Mona McKenzie, and experienced staff were able to teach the children by getting them to learn through painting, dance, didgeridoo and clap sticks. Freda took them on a tour of the Art Gallery and explained the meanings of the paintings in little people language, and finally they were able to put their handprints on the wall to show they have been to Jitta Art Gallery and were now a part of the Jitta Family. Lots of fun teaching these children and working with the school staff.

*This workshop is available again in 2014 for any schools that are interested in delivering cultural training workshops to students. Please contact us for details.

“Supporting our talented young ones” Dawul Wuru Fashion Show

Young ones with talent need to be supported to achieve their goals. One of our young girls has shown an interest and a flair for clothing design, so we entered her in the fashion show with her original designs. A lot of hard work and commitment from Marlene and the aunties helped her to bring her creations to life and see them on the catwalk. Jitta Art will support her again to create and enter new designs for 2014. Jitta Art would like to acknowledgement and thank Dawul Wuru Indigenous Corporation for making this opportunity available for our Indigenous mob from Far North Queensland to show off their fashion designs. 

Jitta Art helps kids contribute to their Logo Design

When Freda was asked to design a logo for the Jilbay Bin PaCE Program she was lucky to get a little help. Children from the program were involved in a drawing competition, and from that competition five items from those drawings were incorporated into the logo design. The logo design was a success and everyone happy with the work of Jitta Art to collaborate on the design outcome. We also took part in the annual fashion parade at the Innisfail Shire Hall, showing some of our clothing range.

Contributing artistic talent to “One Word One Day”        

Director of Jitta Art , Freda Masina felt lucky to be invited to participate in this fantastic event that raises money to support the Indigenous Literacy Program. Artist from all around Australia are invited to participate by doing a piece of Artwork that is then donated for auction. The money raised is used to support the work of improving the literacy of Indigenous people throughout Australia. Anyone can get involved in this worthwhile program that aims to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through improving children’s ability to read and write. Freda is looking forward to participating again next year to raise money and awareness of this worthy cause.



Participating in local events  “Feast of the Senses”

An important event on the calendar for our hometown Innisfail, Far North Queensland during April each year. “Feast of the Senses” celebrates the local produce of Tropical North Queensland, including the rare and exotic fruits of the region. This 2013 event celebrated the 150 years of South Sea Islanders in Australia. Brought to Queensland to cut cane, many stayed and made Australia their permanent home. Incorporating food celebration events, farm trails, art, photography, cooking competitions and culminates in a huge market day extravaganza showcasing local produce.

Jitta Art Gallery got involved in this fantastic annual event by working with the Cassowary Regional Coast Council and Okka Wikka. Our young and talented Jitta Art weavers assisted with the event by teaching the public to weave using pandanus, banana fiber and coconut leaves. These materials were turned in to items such as fish and large stingray mats and string making.  Jitta Art staff had a great time and are looking forward to being involved with next years event.

“Its all about family” Exhibition 

We asked local Indigenous artists to create a piece of work that represents to them “Its About Family”.  It was great to see artists as young as nine and some of our elders come togeather to exhibit their work at this event.  We were very happy with our first attempt to have an exhibition and are very thankful for all of those artists who participated, and showed off a wide range of styles and talent, you can still see some of the artwork in our gallery. 


Jitta Art Gallery opens its doors to the public     

Jitta Art Gallery opens its doors for business in Innisfail, far North Queensland. This was an emotional event for Director Freda Masina, a result of many hard years of work and planning to make a dream come true. This opening represented the progression of an Aboriginal family to take steps towards creating a business that can support the development and employment of our own people. It also supports the rainforest artists of far North Queensland to share their artwork and culture to the world.