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Welcome to our Gallery, specialising in the Aboriginal art and culture of the rainforest of Tropical Far North Queensland.               

Jitta Art’s On-line gallery displays and sells paintings presented in both traditional and modern art styles of the Rainforest (Bama) people. We also have artefacts, didgeridoos, handmade jewellery and ceramics produced by local Indigenous artists.

Learn about and experience one of the longest surviving cultures in the world through the paintings and stories of the Aboriginal rainforest culture and lifestyle. We run workshops throughout the week to teach weaving, didgeridoo lessons and batik. We also run a mobile art and cultural programs for schools in the local area.


  Please enjoy looking through our on-line gallery's unique collection of art and crafts of the Wet Tropics area of Far North Queensland. Our Gallery is situated in Innisfail, far North Queensland so please drop in to say hello on your travels. 

Jitta Art Logo

In my Mother's Language Yidinji, there is a small bird called Jigirrjigirr. He is known by many names amongst Indigenous people in Australia. You may know this little bird as the Willy Wagtail, he is important to our family because he is known to us as the "messenger". The story of the messenger bird has been passed down through both our family lines, our father's people the Goreng Goreng and our mother's people the Yidinji from the Atherton Tableands. Jitta Art draws its inspiration from this bird. The Jigirrjigirr comes to us and sings his song and we listen as he signals. The messages he brings are both happy and sad, but life is like that, the most important thing to remember is the connection he brings.This is what Jitta Art is, it's all about family and a shared family heritage even if it is sometimes very different from place to place person to person. We think this enriches our art. The art presented in our Gallery is created by Artists who we think of as the Jitta Family. Jitta connects and brings us togeather spiritually and artistically from many different social and cultural influences. Jitta Art believes that when you acquire one of our works of art, it brings with it not just a work of interest and visual appeal but the spirit of our people, this is the story of the messenger bird call Jigirrjigirr.

*In Yidinji language the d and g can take on a "t" sound 

Our Story

Our vision is about Family, Culture and Connection. Our mission is to create an environment for our family to work together to be the best they can be. Support and promote the rainforest artists of Far North Queensland to develop and share their unique work. To support and promote our culture to family and community both locally and globally.


People at Jitta Art 

Director: Freda Masina

I am married with four children and six grandchildren, and absolutely love my family. I have worked in many and varied jobs. I joined the army as a young girl, spent time working in the Northern Territory, Canberra and around Queensland. I have worked most of my life as a Nurse and in the health industry, including the Innisfail Hospital and Mamu Health Service. With my Art I like to mix it up and experiment. My favourite is working with fabric and painting directly on to the fabric. I am also passionate about mentoring and supporting other artists.

Mum Jean Walker is a Yidinji women from the Atherton Tablelands. She has worked hard for the community sitting on local Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander Boards in Innisfail. She has retired from working on boards but is still asked to provide advice from time to time. Mum is our biggest supporter and comes in and works in the shop now and then. She is fantastic with the customers that come into the Gallery and makes many new friends, travellers always invite her to go visit them in their home town.
Tricia Walker supports the Gallery and is a great organiser. Tricia looks after the stock and keeps everything in order in the Gallery. She also looks after the Thursday Night Weaving Workshops. Tricia's interest is in developing her skills as a weaver and reviving the traditional weaving methods of our Bama ancestors. Working with the Jitta Trainee Weavers and in-school programs is another area of her work.
Diane Walker is just new to the business and works from her home office in Darwin with regular trips to the Gallery in Queensland. Diane is working on maintaining our website and face book page at the moment. She also works on marketing and program development. Diane has an interest in training and development and is keen to support the development of artists at Jitta Art and other staff as well.
Tahlee Walker is one of our young women who comes into the Gallery and supports us whenever she can. Tahlee attends to the front counter and looks after the customers, showing them through the Gallery. Tahlee is a fantastic young lady and it is great to see her learning and developing her skills for the future.
Kameka Walker another young one who works in the Gallery and also in the Gallery workshop when she is in town, she is a young talented artist and has paintings hanging in the gallery. We all look forward to supporting her in to the future and helping her develop her skills and talent as an artist.  
Paul Walker is a talented young man who uses his talent to teach didgeridoo on Saturday morning workshops. He also supports the in-school cultural program teaching dance to students. Paul is a great teacher and is well liked by the clients that come in on the Saturday morning didgeridoo workshops. He can also paint and we will be encouraging him to keep developing and sharing his artistic talent.